Thursday, September 29, 2011

Traveling Wilbury settle's in New England~~

Here I am, sitting in our new abode (for now). We sold our home of 16 some odd years in the south and are up North takin' in our new surroundings. What an undertaking that was...I kept a diary of the in's and out's of our move, but stopped somewhere between the actual household move and getting the girl's settled in their new school. I really wanted to chronicle all the tidbits in hope's of learning something, sharing what I learned, and also somehow keeping my head together through the lists and chaos that ensued.

I can now say that I can write a bonified list of what NOT to do when you are moving, selling a house, etc. etc. As far as what we did do, there was certainly a better order in which we could have proceeded. I could definitely write a book on what ensued. Now, mind you, this is the only major "household" move we've ever made, and out of state to boot.

It's definitely been quite an emotional rollercoaster of sorts, especially when we cleaned out the attic in the garage. It's quite a difficult thing to see a sea of memories piled up on your driveway...tonka trucks, strollers, and the like. Yes, we forgot all that was up there. Out of sight, out of mind.

So, as usual, I digress. We are on to new beginnings. It's amazing how moving from your cozy nest can throw you into a world of chaos that seems to not end. However, it can also give you a chance for a new beginning. A way to right some wrongs, a fresh start. A new day. A new way.

Now, back to unpacking. First on list of course, my new studio corner. I say corner as we are in an apartment right now (which is totally fine with me). My hub is anxious to get a new home but I am a nester and I will nest where I am right now!

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